i do this really stupid thing where i get nervous talking to people i like/admire a lot but haven’t become completely comfortable with??? and i really don’t want them to know that i’m nervous or awkward so when i start feeling like i’m giving it away i overcompensate by being…

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I’m definitely an introvert and have social anxiety that’s for sure :|

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Anonymous: where did you find those new pictures of dylan in the maze runner?

Well I just found them in the Dylan tag but James Dashner retweeted a lot of articles today that talked about life on set with the pictures! :)

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Anonymous: WHAT IS THE MAGAZINE DYLAN IS IN? I am too lazy to look at past post and you're a reliable source

It’s Fashionisto magazine! I’m on my phone right now so I can’t link you but once I can get on my laptop I’ll post the link and everything! :)

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