rewatching supernatural from season 1 with mi madre!

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Anonymous: Do you have a link to the video with dylan, tyler, and holland where theyre like "dance party bro" :)
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Anonymous: what is that gif set from that you posted where dylan is being all sexual with that brunette girl and he has a cigarette?? Im freaking out hes so attractive!!

That would be his old band’s music video! You can watch it here :)

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Anonymous: Dylan looks like he is a good kisser from what I have seen











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Anonymous: Do you think the maze runner will be successful?

I REALLY HOPE SO! I’m pretty sure the fans of all of the amazing cast will make it successful! it’s a great book and hopefully that can be transferred into a great movie! :)

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Anonymous: Is he dating Britt some people are saying they broke up.

Yeah there are tons of rumors constantly going around but i’m pretty sure they’re still together as far as i know!

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Anonymous: Why does Dylan always wear the same shoes?

Because he’s an adorable dork who couldn’t care less about fashion and gives zero fucks about expensive shoes!


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